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"We have known George for years through family and friends and live just down the street from one of the custom homes he and his team have built. We looked at several other contractors during our initial review and nobody gave us the confidence that George did. His team was incredibly professional, did outstanding work from start to finish, provided key insights into our designs and made modifications as needed to get the best results possible.A few of the little details that I really wanted to comment on:

* From start to finish, this was the cleanest construction site I have ever been a part of. Everyday, the worksite was clean, organized, and safe. We lived in the house through the complete remodel!

* George's people and subcontractors have all worked with him for years across multiple projects. There is a sense of continuity on projects and this brings strong professionalism and high quality.

* George was very receptive to change requests and we never felt nickeled and dimed through the project. George was always easy to work with and very transparent and reasonable on impacts of changes.

* The quality of the work was the best I have ever seen. George was meticulous on every detail and found many small flaws that we could not even see! The final punch list was miniscule and corrected very quickly.

* George was and is always available. Very prompt on returning phone calls and making sure that everything was 100% satisfactory.

* George added small details to the finished project that we hadn't even thought of. The pantry door is amazing! In summary, I would never use a different contractor for any project. An incredibly positive experience from start to finish."

Jeanne and Jay (Interior Remodel)

Greenwood Village

"Complete remodel of kitchen and bathroom. Removing all cabinets, appliances, flooring, ceiling, drywall, lighting in both kitchen and bathroom. George Trusz served as general contractor, bringing in excellent subcontractors and worked closely with designer. 

The job went very well. The project was finished on an aggressive 
time schedule. The contractor was conscientious and scrupulously 
fair. He managed the project closely, was very responsive to all our 
requests, and employed workers of the highest quality. We were so 
relieved that a complicated kitchen and bath remodel in an older 
house was finished so quickly, contrary to all the horror stories we 
have heard from friends who used other contractors. George was 
very organized, attentive to our needs, always thinking about how to 
adjust the schedule to meet contingencies. He is something of a perfectionist, and demands that his subcontractors perform excellent work. We do not have a single complaint about this project. Just the opposite-we could not be happier with his work."

Ron and Mary (Interior Remodel)


"George Trusz and his team at Burley Construction did an extensive addition to our 1890 brick Vistorian in 2011. The delicate nature of marrying new construction to 120 year old brick made this a job for someone of high skills, great problem-solving abilities and meticulous detail. That's George. He worked beautifully with our architect to maintain the exterior character of our home while modernizing all of the mechanicals and bringing everything up to code. The end result was an on-time, on-budget 800 square foot addition that was one of the most worry-free experiences we've ever had. I recommend Burley to everyone and we would hire them again in a second!"

Tom and Donna (Victorian Pop-Top/Remodel)

Washington Park

"George worked initially with our architect for drawings on a remodel (which never even started) when our house burned down. George came to the house the next day to answer any questions for us and advise us while working with the insurance company. He helped us while we had new drawings designed for the new house build and answered questionswhen choosing an abatement demolition company. Coordinated the pouring of the new foundation, framing, drywall, painting, and every aspect of a complete house build. He also kept me on task by telling well in advance what I needed to have ready next! That part was amazing to me when I look back because I had so much going on with the insurance company it was nice to be reminded of what was going on next. I did all of the interior design so working closely with the contractor and getting alon with the contractor is a must! George is very organized and thoughtful in all regards. George also worked closely with our landscape designer and landscaping crew. This is a must if everything is going to look right in the end. This was a huge undertaking and George and Burley Construction did it with integrity, compassion and hard work! 

Our house burned down May of 2209, we lost everything. Before the fire we were already going to use Burley Construction for a remodel which never happened. Instead George helped us with coordination for demolition (abatement) and worked closely with our insurance company answering questions about foundation issues and such (all of this on his own time with no pay by the way), just a great guy! When we had the drawings completed we did due diligence and got 3 bids for a complete house build. Burley Construction was by far the fairest price and to be honest by the end of construction Burley was the only one still in business. We scraped the house and built a new one on the same foundation. Our house is 4,3000 square feet of master building. George coordinated all aspects of the build from working with the architect, painters and plumbers, etc. All of the sub contractors were the highest quality and did amazing jobs. I cannot say enough about the owner George Trusz, his professionalism and dedication to seeing the massive project to the end and on budget (well, we made a lot of upgrades so that's on us) was amazing! i am not one to sing someone's praises if it is not deserved, well in this case it is. he is not afraid to get in there and get his hands dirty and show up at all hours to make sure everything is okay! I have refereed him many times. Burley Construction takes the utmost pride in doing a great job of the highest quality!"

Rick and Daphyne (Custom Home)

Greenwood Village

"George was the general contractor on our house remodel in 2008. We had a 1928 bungalow and pushed some walls out as well as added a second story (very extensive remodel). We liked him so much and were so happy with the remodel that we are using him again now (10/2012) to add a woodworking shop to the back of our property. 
It went very well. He was recommended by our architect and we were very pleased with his experience, skill, trustworthiness and work ethic. Our major renovation was complete in the time that he estimated at the start of the project. He has been in the business here in Denver for quite a while so has assembled a great group of subcontractors. Everyone showed up on time. George was very easy to work with when we changed our minds or asked for additional 
services, or when unexpected issues arose (old house issues). We would recommend George hands down."

Bill and Delia (Pop-Top/Addition/Remodel)

Washington Park

"Before submitting his bid, George visited our home at least 3 times to familiarize himself with the scope of the project, talk with us about our vision for it, and introduce some of his subs. When our architect hosted his Bid Walk for all of the contractors we wanted to choose from, George was already way ahead of the pack because of the way he had helped us to become familiar with him while he became familiar with the project. At the end, while there was one other contractor who was a serious contender, we found that the knowledge we had gained about George personally was the deciding factor in choosing to work with him. That level of comfort continued throughout the project and, I expect, will not lessen over time. George also had a couple of smaller contracts going besides ours, each at a different stage, but divided his time between us without any interruption in our project's flow. This experience was the polar opposite of our previous one with another contractor, and the results are superior. We have been happy to recommend George and Burley Construction to anyone who has asked."

Peter and Barbara (Custom Exterior Remodel)

Ken Caryl

"We worked with George Trusz and Burley Construction on a remodel of a 25-year old townhome in Cherry Creek North. Our project involved a new kitchen and master bath as well as extensive updates to other areas of the home. George was particularly helpful in the design phase of the project, as he offered creative ideas to help us stay within our construction budget by retaining existing infrastructure elements while still achieving our design goals. We are pleased with our new home and would recommend George for similar projects."

John and Donna (Town Home Remodel)

Cherry Creek

"Major redo of ranch home, added on a 750 sq. feet new kitchen. George Trusz and workers were detailed easy to work with punctual master bedroom, bath, family room, and deck and efficient. I can’t recommend them high enough."

Tony and Janice (Remodel/Addition)

Washington Park

"George was very thoughtful and thorough during the consultations and estimating. He was at our job almost every day for almost a year. He was very professional, easy to work with and flexible."

Steve and Leslee (Pop-Top/Remodel)

Bonnie Brae

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